Naturology Centre Inc.

Naturology Centre Inc.

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About Us

Our multi-disciplinary holistic wellness centre specializes in acupuncture (TCM), massage therapy, naturopathy/hypnotherapy, osteopathy, and natural health supplements, aiming to comprehensively support your wellness journey.

Service Highlights:

Therapeutic Massage Therapy - Addressing subacute/chronic neck, shoulder, back pain, soft tissue injuries (MVA), DOMS, repetitive strain injuries, stress, anxiety, depression, hypertension, sleep disorders, headaches, migraines, and more.

Osteopathy - Utilizing manual therapy techniques to alleviate chronic pain and correct imbalances, our osteopathic care extends to lifestyle adjustments in exercise, flexibility, nutrition, personal development, and stress management for holistic well-being.

Acupuncture (TCM) - A traditional Chinese Medicine practice proven over 3,000 years and recognized by the NIH in 1997 for its efficacy in pain relief and various health conditions, acupuncture is a cornerstone of our natural health care offerings.

Naturopathy/Hypnotherapy (Office or Virtual) - Tailored programs for anxiety/stress management, smoking/vaping cessation, weight management, self-esteem enhancement, sleep improvement, overcoming fears/phobias, halting negative thoughts, boosting career performance, chronic pain relief, and overall health & wellness.

Direct Billing Available - Subject to your insurance policy or service. Approved MVA Claims Accepted.

Amenities: Conveniently located near public transit with free parking, Wi-Fi, and wheelchair accessibility to ensure a comfortable and accessible experience for all our clients.